Monday, March 9, 2020

Vintage Housewife Sew Along - Week Seven!!

Hello again!!
It's week seven of the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along

 if you need to download the 
Sew Along Guide and 
if you are just joining us and 
need to read the Bee Prepared post 
that tells you all about this sew along:)

We are using Vintage Happy 2 Fabric...

And my new Sew Simple Shapes

To make the 
Vintage Housewife Quilt
74" x 82"

These are the blocks that
 we have done so far:

And today we are making the 

Sew Simple Shapes 
used for this block:
For the aerosol cleaner can 
you will need to trace a rectangle 
1 1/4" x 2 3/4" onto the interfacing.

Prepared Straight Bias Strips:

1/2" red -
 7 1/2" long after pressing 
one end under for broom handle.
1 3/4" long after pressing
 both ends under for vacuum handle.
1/2" long after pressing 
both ends under for plug.

1/2" yellow -
3" long after pressing 
both ends under for vacuum.

1/2" green -
Make 2 that are 2 1/2" long after
 pressing both ends under for vacuum bag.

1/2" teal -
1 1/2" long after pressing 
both ends under for duster handle top

1/4" teal -
3" long no pressing under 
for duster handle

1/4" gray -
3 1/2" long after pressing 
both ends under for dustpan bottom
1" long no pressing for vacuum handle
cut 1" long and press in half
 for top of spray can

1/4" denim -
1 1/2" long after pressing
 both ends under for spray can

You will need the red small vintage trim
 for the cord and the broom
and also red buttons:)

You will need to sew these two 
fabric pieces together and press seams open.

Trace the line for sewing dustpan
 onto the interfacing.

Pin and sew like this...

view from the back side before tuning...

Turned shaped and ready to go!

Cut 2 pieces of vintage trim 
the same width as your yellow fabric.
Trace a line onto the fabric 2" down 
from the top and another 1/2" down from that.

Lightly glue a piece onto each traced line.

Now you can pin your 
traced interfacing on and sew!

Like this:)

Turned and shaped and ready to go!

Sew the rest of your shapes and trim.

Clip the cleavage in the feather duster 
and the yellow scrubby:)

I almost forgot to tell you 
to trace a new sewing line 1" down
from the previous sewing line 
and sew across it.

Trim off the top excess like this...

After turning and shaping use it
 for the dust pan handle!

Whew! all of your shapes 
should be ready to go!

The following photos are close ups that I took for you while pin basting my block.
Make sure to use the 
12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler so that your
 pieces stay within required size.

Pin basting is complete and 
ready for glue basting:)

There is a little embroidery on the
 plug end and for the spray lines.
 I used 3 strand of the gray 
in my Bee Basics Aurifloss set.

I also sewed the vacuum cord down 
exactly like I did the coed on the Iron.

I used 3 red buttons for
 across the vacuum bar.

All ready for appliqué!

Trim up your block using the ruler 
and add the borders:)
Just like the previous six blocks...
your block should measure 
14 1/2" square at this point.

Thanks so much for 
sewing vintage with me today!
Let's celebrate the vintage housewife 
taking care of her home in these 
vintage photos and ads.
I'll be right back here next week!


Sandi S. said...

Love those pictures!

Natureluvr57 said...

Loving it as usual...........and the ads too! "and they used Bon Ami" (from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken). Personally never used it myself. Thank you for yet another wonderful design

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