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Vintage Housewife Sew Along - Week Nine!!

Good morning!
It's week nine of the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along

 if you need to download the 
Sew Along Guide and 
if you are just joining us and 
need to read the Bee Prepared post 
that tells you all about this sew along:)

We are using Vintage Happy 2 Fabric...

And my new Sew Simple Shapes

To make the 
Vintage Housewife Quilt
74" x 82"

These are the blocks that
 we have done so far:

Today we are going to make the shapes
 for the Clothesline Block 
and next week we will hang them on the line!
I decided to split this block 
into two weeks to make it 
easier on both of us!

Let's start with the kit pieces
 already cut and ready to go...
all instructions for that are
 in the sew along guide:)
We will prepare all of the clothes for hanging on the line one by one.

Let's begin with the socks.
You will need 
J-34 Sew Simple Shape 
for tracing all of the socks.
You will need to trace one of the 
socks in reverse by placing the 
template right side down...
now you have a pair!

There are 2 stitched lines 
on the template for 
different heights of socks.
This longest pair are the pink ones...
which are actually panty hose!!

For the next pair trace the 
top stitched line for 
sewing the yellow socks.

For the red socks trace 
the bottom stitched line.

For the "extra" green sock hanging 
from the laundry basket 
you will only need one.
 The top sewing line needs to be slanted 
so I measured down 4" and 
drew this slanted line like this. "Pair up your socks" lol 
with your traced interfacing
 but don't sew them yet...

Because we need to sew 
all of the heels and toes first!
All of these are first sewn into a 
circle using the 
J-18 Sew Simple Shape

Sewn and trimmed:)

Turn and shape them...
and pair them up with the 
socks that they go with.

Place the traced piece over the socks 
just like you are going to sew it
 but first lift up and slip the
 toe and heel underneath.
 Because you can see through the
 interfacing you can place them
 where they look good!

Before you sew them ...
glue them down with just a few drops each.

Glueing works better than pinning for this.

After you've glued the circles down 
go ahead and finish pinning 
the interfacing down and sew!

After sewing...
clip the inner curves
 in each sock before turning.

Socks are ready to hang 
on the line next week:)

*Note that when you appliqué 
them down...
that you applique the 
heels and toes at the same time.
notice in this photo 
the 1" straight bias strips
 above the nylons.

I pressed them around the top 
like this and then glued them into place.

Now all socks are made and ready...
set them aside for now.

And let's make the jeans and boxers!
You will need 
J-35 and J-36 
Sew Simple Shapes

On one of the traced interfacing 
I also measured 4" down from the top
 and traced a sewing line for the boxers.

Sew the jeans...the pockets and the boxers.
Clip the inner curves before turning.

Turn and shape:)

For the waistband and the rolled cuffs 
on the jeans I did the same thing 
using the 1/4" straight bias strips
 that I did with the nylons.
I just pressed them to fit around
 the jeans and glued them 
into place before pin basting.

For the boxers I sewed on 2 of the tiny 
Cute Little Buttons 
from the package 
 in the color denim.

Boxers are ready to go! 
This is what the back of the 
jeans look like after glueing
 the waistband and cuffs.

It's just like playing paper dolls!

set them aside for now 
and let's make more clothes!

Let's make 2 shirts:) 
For these you will need
Sew Simple Shapes
You will sew the long sleeve shirt 
just like you traced from the shape.

For the t-shirt you will need to 
trace the t-shirt lines from the template.

Place the J-19 circle halfway down 
onto the neckline and trace a
 half circle for sewing line.

After sewing the J-11 shape 
clip the inner curves ...
then turn and shape and press.

Now cut it in half because 
you will use it for the collar!

Place your traced interfacing 
onto your shirt fabric so that you can 
see through it to place exactly 
where you want the collar pieces.

Glue them into place before sewing 
just like you did for the 
heels and toes of the socks.

Sew both shirts and trim. 
Clip the cleavage under each arm 
and the inner curves in the 
t-shirt neck before turning.

This is how I cut my 
interfacing for turning the shirt.

All turned and shaped:)

The t-shirt is ready to go but just a few more details for the long sleeved shirt.
Notice the sleeve cuffs. I pressed and glued them as well.
I also sewed 
Cute Little Buttons
 in Vivid color onto the shirt front.
Set the shirts aside for now.

***And before you ask***
NO... they don't come in a jar
 with the yellow lid. 
I painted that lid with my 
color and put several of my tiny
 1/4" Cute Little Button packages in there.

All of my buttons come in
 packages now instead of jars...
but you can do what I did and 
use those same jars when they 
are empty for more buttons!

Let's make a dress!
You will need 
Sew Simple Shapes
to make the dress.

The circles are for the collar ...
so you will need to sew them first.

Do the same thing that you
 did for the socks and the shirt...

Glue baste them into place...

And then sew.
Clip the cleavage in the waist 
and under the arms before turning. and shape:)

I used the 1/4" straight bias 
for the waist band.
I also used the red cotton lace from the
 Bee Cute Lace for the bottom
 of the sleeves and dress skirt.

I glued down on the front....

And wrapped around the sides 
with a little glue as well.

Remember that this glue dries clear
 so no worries when using it for the lace.

I added three 1/4" buttons as well:)

Sew fun!!
Set the dress aside 
and let's make an apron!

You will need
Sew Simple Shapes
to make the apron.

After tracing the J-13 shape 
draw a line 1/4" away from the 
center markings and repeat 
for the other side.

These are 2 new sewing lines 
for the pockets but before sewing 
you will need to glue some 
small red vintage trim down.

I measured 1 1/2" down from each end 
of the yellow print and 
marked a line to glue the vintage trim.

Now when you pin on the 
interfacing everything will
 line up for sewing!

Do the same for the bottom of the apron 
by measuring up 1 1/4" and tracing a line.

Glue baste the small 
red vintage trim onto your traced line...

Pin and sew.

Clip the cleavage between scallops
 on the bottom of the apron.

Turn and shape:)

Glue baste the STRAIGHT bias 
for the waist band ...

Just like this...
 and save the bias strips that are 
actually cut on the bias 
for the apron strings.

You will glue and pin baste those
 onto the background next week.

Set the apron aside for now.

We are going to make the laundry basket 
full of folded clothes next. 
You will need 
Sew Simple Shape
Of course you already made the lost sock:)

You will need to trace a new
 sewing line from J-38 
for the laundry basket.

Sew the basket and the folded clothes.
No clipping needed for these shapes:)

Turned ...shaped...pressed 
and ready to go.

Save the 1/4" cut on bias strip
 for the handles until next week.

Now that you have all of the clothes 
and laundry basket finished
 you are ready for next week.

I'll meet you right back here then 
and we will hang them on the line!

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