Friday, March 6, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Nineteen!!

Hello and welcome to the 

Grab your book

And your Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

And let's make some Farm Girl Blocks!

Our first Farm Girl Block
 for this week is 
on page 118 of the book.

I love this block and I named it 
Scrap Quilt because it's the perfect way
 to use up those leftover trimmings 
from Easy Corner Triangles:)

I learned from my grandma and her sisters
 how to use scraps to make 
something beautiful and amazing...
and that is a very valuable lesson
 that I have never forgotten.

This doll quilt is made from scraps
 and the pattern is on 
page 187 of the book.

I styled this photo with 
vintage storytelling books and an 
adorable pair of vintage baby shoes:)

I also made a 6" Scrap Quilt Block 
for my 6" Farm Girl Block Sampler Quilt.
I used one of the segments from the
 12" block cutting and made each
 half square triangle
 in a different print...
I used leftover scraps...YaY!

Our next Farm Girl Block is 
on page 119 of the book.

This is a sweet traditional little
 basket block and I just had to 
add it into the book....

I mean look how adorable it is
 in this doll quilt!
The pattern for this sweet
 little quilt is on page 188.

I chose to do this quilt in 
red and pinks...
because I LOVE that color combo
 and it goes perfect with this 
"queen of sewing" themed rag doll!

I also made this one in a
 6" size for my
 6" Farm Girl Block Sampler Quilt.
I again made this one scrappy happy:)

I have been out of town and so 
I didn't have time to make a
 6" Quilting Day Block last week...
but I whipped one up this week!
It's for my sampler quilt too.

That means that I have
 added three more blocks...

And now with the addition of
 these three I have made seven so far.

Okay...before we go I want to 
talk a little more about the 
doll quilts in the book.

I have had someone ask me
 how to make the blocks into 3" size
 that are used for the doll quilts.
This is explained in the book 
but I thought I would show you a visual.

So here is a 12" Block and a 6" Block.
You can see that the 6" is 1/4 size of the 12".
In other words...the 12" Block is made up of four 6" units that are simply sewn together.

That means that when you make a unit
 from the 6" block cutting...
 you will get 1/4 size of a 
6" block which is...of course 3"

Those 3" units are what you use
 to make the doll quilts.

I designed 8 blocks for the book
 that consist of four blocks sewn together.
I used those 8 blocks 
to make the 8 doll quilts.

You DO NOT have to figure out 
the measurements for yourself. 
They are in the book:
When making a 3" unit...
 use the 6" block cutting and instead
 of sewing the four units together 
to form a 6" block...
keep them separate to make a doll quilt.

Make as many 3" units that
 you need to make the 
small, medium or large doll quilts.

Here are all eight of the doll quilts...
each on a vintage doll bed. 
All of these patterns are on pages 
186 thru 191 in the book.

I hope this helps anyone else 
that may have needed clarification.

Thank you once again for 
joining me on the farm today...
let's meet up back here next week 
for two more Farm Girl Blocks!


Little Quiltsong said...

You always have the cutest farm and vintage pics! Love your doll quilts and the tiny sized blocks you can sew them with. My granddaughter received a small sewing machine for Christmas - and how I wish she lived closer, so that we could sew together. Till then I'll keep sewing little samples for her to follow :)!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this I love your guilting

Perfect Stitch by angie said...

Kitty and Cow made my day. I am almost done for these two blocks. 12" of course

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