Friday, March 20, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's Week Twenty One!!

Hello and welcome to the 

Grab your book

And your Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

And let's make some Farm Girl Blocks!

Our first Farm Girl Block
 for this week is 
on page 125 of the book.

I always have to include blocks
 for the seasons in my Farm Girl books...
because the farm depends upon 
the seasons and the weather:)

This one represents spring of course...
and I sure do have spring fever!

I made a 6" Block to add to my 
growing pile of blocks for my 
6" Farm Girl Sampler Quilt.
By the way...
my newest tin mug will soon be here...
check with your fave quilt shop 
to be notified when it becomes available!

I also made a 6" Starry Night 
from a section of the 12" Block:)

It will also be added to the
 6" Farm Girl Sampler Quilt.

It's the other Farm Girl Block
 for this week and it's on
 page 126 of the book.

I spent a lot of nights on the farm
 gazing at the stars...
there is nothing like wide open spaces
 to enjoy the night sky.
It remains one of my
 favorite things to do.

I also used units from the
 6" Starry Nights Block for this
 Medium Doll Quilt...
the pattern is on 
page 189 of the book.

I've been talking about the
 doll quilts a lot in the last few posts
 of the sew along and I
 continue to love love love them!

Doll quilts were one of the first things 
that I sewed as a girl and
 I have fond memories of playing outside
 with my dolls in the summertime.

All of my doll beds are vintage. 
I have collected them over the years
 at thrift shops...
 garage sales and antique stores.

If you want to start your own collection
 you can find them by searching
 in the same places.

I always enjoy the hunt and the elation
 of finding each one
 to add to my collection.

Most of the time they are so beat up that they need a re-furbish.
I have painted all of the doll beds
 pictured in my book and
 during the sew along.

For painting them I use my
 Farm Girl Chalky Chicks Paint
 and it's the same paint that I use for all of the other things in my home.

I have curated a collection of 
18 colors that match my fabrics
 and my cottage farmhouse decorating style.
I have all of these colors listed in my

It's so fun to mix and match 
the quilts onto the beds.
In my book I also give instructions
 for covering the mattress 
and making doll pillows as well.
Just go to page 192!

A few weeks ago I talked about the 
6" block units 
that that are used for each 
doll quilt in the book.
if you missed that post.

As we are nearing the end
 of our Farm Girl Block sew along
 in a few weeks...
I just wanted to show you
 a few pictures of other quilt patterns
 in the book besides the sampler quilt 
on the cover...because trust me...
my book is packed with lots of patterns!!

Here are my
 Farm Girl Gingham Quilts.
You will find 10 sizes...yes...
I said 10 sizes...
 in the book starting on page 166. 

I styled this photo 
for the book to say 
"spring picnic"
I also painted my vintage picnic basket
 with my Farm Girl Paint...
color is BABY CHICK:)

Another spring looking quilt
 in the book is my 
on page 175 of the book.

It finishes at 36" square 
which is perfect for a wallhanging 
or a newborn baby quilt:)

Thanks so much for tuning in this week...
I'll meet you back here
 with two more blocks next Friday:)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love all the blocks for today as well as the beautiful mini quilts! They look so sweet on those tiny beds painted with your pretty paint colors:).
Now that I have been let go from my job I have time to jump in and sew more projects...such a blessing! Thank YOU for the inspiration you give us. My stack of Lori Holt fabric is ready and waiting for me to sew. I appreciate your friendship and encouragement through your Blog...
Blessings on your day! Hugs, Suzanne

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