Monday, October 12, 2020

PRIM Sew Along - Week Eight!!

Welcome to week eight of the

We are making the
72" x 90"

We are also using the

And my newest fabric collection 
to make the quilt:)

I have already posted the
 post which details all of the supplies
 for the sew along and how it works.
I have also given the link there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to read that post.

So far we have made 

for the first week blog post


for that blog post

for that blog post

for that blog post

for that blog post

And last week we made block 6
for last weeks post

And last week we made block seven...

for last weeks blog post

And today we will be making Block Eight

The Prim Sew Simple Shapes 
that you will need for block eight:

4 - K7
3 - K10
1 - K12
1 - K13
1 - K14
1 - K15
1 - K26
1 - K28
1 - K38
6 - K43
1 - K45
2 - K47
3 - K59

*You will need three curved 
1/4"bias strips for the flower stems.
They should each measure 10", 8" and 7" 
after pressing one end under

*The 1/4" straight bias for her hat brim
 should measure 3 1/2" long after 
pressing both ends under

*Cut the 1/4" straight bias for her
 hair 2 1/2" long and press in half:)

Piece these two fabrics together and press
 the seam open before you sew the K-27

When tracing K-7 for the sheep legs...
 use the line on the shape 
for your new sewing line.

Piece these two fabrics together
 and press the seam open 
before you sew the K-40 Shape.

I forgot to take a photo before 
I sewed the K-28 shape for her skirt...
but I'm sure that you can sew 
that you need to trace the line
 for sewing the bottom of her skirt:)

After you have sewn and trimmed 
all of the shapes... you will need to
 clip the seam allowances in the 
stars and flowers and 
the sheep before turning:)

Just look at these adorable shapes 
all ready to turn into a PRIM Block!!

Remember how important it is
 to use the turning tool 
to get them each into shape!

I wanted to show you a few close up photos
 of how I did the ladies head, hat and hair.

The first thing I did was clip
 a little of the top of the hair piece...
you will want to clip it on an angle 
so that it lays on the
 side of her head like this.

Next apply some Sue Glue
 right on your sewn seam...

And glue down the hat brim to 
cover the raw edge of the hair piece.

Add the top of her dress too.

Grab the 1/4" strip of hair and
 glue onto the bottom like this.

This is what the back of mine looks like.

After that dried I applied a sweet blush
 to her cheeks and gave her a french knot eye:)

Now it's time for pinning!!

After you have pinned...
next step is the Sue Glue:)

Bee sure to use the 
16 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to align all of your shapes.

After the glue is dried 
it's time to take out the pins...

And applique using your favorite method...
by hand or by machine.

The appliqué is finished 
on my block and I love it!
Isn't she sweet?
I'm partial to anything with sheep.
As you all know I'm a farm girl 
and we always had sheep 
in the pasture right behind our house.
They are such gentle animals:)

should measure 16 1/2" square
after trimming it up.

Thanks again for joining me this week
 and sewing back to a gentler time:)

Enjoy this David Austin rose from my garden.
It's called "Golden Celebration"
and is one of my favorites.

I'll chat with you later!!

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corners of my life said...

I feel like every time I stop by your blog I comment on the colors but they do bring me such pleasure perusing them.

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