Monday, June 21, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week Eleven!!

Hello again!

Welcome to week eleven in the 

If you are just joining us...
 CLICK on the bold words 
above for my first
 blog post where I 
tell you all about it!

I have another 12" block 
and two 6" blocks for you!

This week I worked 
from just one of my books...

For the 12" Block I made my 
Chicken Foot Block on page 18 
of my book Farm Girl Vintage.

12" Chicken Foot Block

So last week...
I made my 6" Pinwheels Block 
from page 56
of my Farm Girl Vintage Book
and this week 
I made a variation of that block
by just using the 12" block
cutting instructions to make 
one 6" pinwheel.

6" Pinwheel Block

For the remaining 6" 
block for this week
I made my Farm Fresh Flowers Block 
from page 26
of my Farm Girl Vintage Book

6" Farm Fresh Flowers 

I hope you enjoy making the
three new Red Sampler Blocks
 for this week:)

So far my weekly format 
has pretty much been the same...
a 12" block and two 6" blocks.

The exception is  
Week Seven where I did 
three 6" blocks.

And this is what we have so far...
10 - 12" Red Sampler Blocks
23 - 6" Red Sampler Blocks

As a reminder...
for the setting that I'm using
(cover quilt from Farm Girl Vintage 2)
 I need 20 - 12" Blocks
30 - 6" Blocks

So for the next three weeks 
 I'm going to be making  
the ten - 12" Blocks that I need.

If I have time I may be throwing
in a few 6" blocks too.
 That way I'll have all the blocks sewn 
in the remaining weeks
of this quilt along.

This one goes until the end of July:)
Of course that only means 
that is when I will have 
my blocks sewn and posted here for you
so that I can prepare 
for my next sew along!

This quilt along is definitely NOT 
a race or a competition...
So you of course can take 
however long you need!!
Remember that...
"YOU! Are the boss of your own quilt:)"

I'll show this picture again...
because I am absolutely over the moon
 with how all of my Red Sampler Blocks 
that I have made up to this point
 are looking all together 
on the design wall in my sewing room:)

It's just sew exciting!!

P.S. I do have a tutorial on my 
YouTube Channel (Lori Holt)
about how to make my super cute 
and easy peasy Scalloped Bunting
that hangs above my design wall.
for that tutorial:)

They are really fun to make and 
make any room cute and cozy!

I'm showing you
 these two photos 
from Farm Girl Vintage
because that's the book 
that we are using for this week's 
Red Sampler Blocks...

And also this one from my
Spelling Bee Book
because I love that so many of you
 from all over the globe 
have joined me in this quilt along!!

And then finally...
I threw in this quirky photo
 of our Toby because he always has to
 get in on every photo shoot! 

I'll meet you right back here 
next week with three 
  12" Red Sampler Blocks for you:)

P.S. Here is a list of 
each week's blog post 
for this sew along so far:
Click on the week 
that you would like to visit!

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