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Vintage Housewife Sew Along - Week Eleven!!

Welcome to week eleven of the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along

 if you need to download the 
Sew Along Guide and 
if you are just joining us and 
need to read the Bee Prepared post 
that tells you all about this sew along:)

We are using Vintage Happy 2 Fabric...

And my new Sew Simple Shapes

To make the 
Vintage Housewife Quilt
74" x 82"

These are the blocks that
 we have done so far:


Today we are going to sew the 

Before we get started on the block
 you will need to make sure that you
have cut all of the sashing fabric
 as per the cutting instructions 
in the sew along guide.

Some of the pieces that are cut
 from this print are used in the 
apron so have them ready!

And we will also be sewing the 
scrappy squares together for the border:)

All of these should be all cut and ready
 to go as per the guide instructions.
You will need a total of 
370 - 2 1/2" scrappy squares:)

When gathering your apron block kit...
grab the large vintage trim that goes
 in the binding because you will
 need to use some of it for the apron!

Cut two pieces about 9" long.
These are for the pockets.

Now measure down 1 1/2" and draw a line.
 This is the placement line for 
your large red Vintage Trim.

Use matching thread in the top only
 and just sew it down the center...

This is what the back looks like.

Trim the edges of the trim off evenly:)

Let's continue on by adding easy corner triangles to the bottom corners of the pockets...

You will use the 4 - 2 1/2" squares.
You can draw a diagonal stitching line 
from corner to corner ...

Or use my handy dandy
 Seams Sew Easy Guide 
like I do because then you 
do not need to draw lines.

After sewing on the lines...
trim about a 1/4" seam allowance 
and press towards the triangle like this.
PS. I turned my cutting mat over 
so that you could sew the
aqua fabric easier against the red:) 

Now that the pockets are completed
 simply lay out the rest of the
 apron pieces like this and sew together.

Now set this part aside for a minute...

And sew the 12 - 1 1/2" squares 
onto the bottom corner of the ruffle
for the bottom of the apron.

You should have 6 ruffle pieces:)

Now you can sew the ruffle together
 and add it to the bottom of the apron.
Also sew the two 5 1/2" squares
 onto the top corners of the apron.
You will need to mark the 
diagonal line for squares this large.

Now for more vintage trim!

Just top stitch the same way 
that you did for the pockets
 using matching thread:)

This is what your apron looks like now...
let's add the waistband and the apron strings!

Before you add the apron strings to 
each side of the waistband...
add the easy corner triangles 
onto each end like this.

Then sew another 2 1/2" square on the end.

You will need to add the appliqué blocks 
that go on each side of the apron
 before you can add the
 waistband piece across the top.

First add the 2 1/2" x 14 1/2" 
sashing strips to outside and the
 3 1/2" strip to the inside
 of the Telephone Block.

Add a 2 1/2" x 19 1/2" across the top.

Repeat for the Typewriter Block...

Sew them to each side of the apron
 and then add the apron strings
 and waistband across the top.

Now let's add some 
scrappy squares to the sides.

Yay for scrappy squares!
I started by sewing two squares together...

And then joining eleven of these
 two square segments together 
so that I had a scrappy squares section
 2 squares x 11 squares.
I repeated for the other side:)

Then I sewed one to each side.
Turn to page 14 of the guide 
and you will see the rest of 
the instructions for putting 
your quilt top together.

How exciting!!!

Here are all of my 
scrappy square sections all ready to go.

Don't over think this part...
 remember it's meant to be scrappy...
and all of the fabrics go together well...
 so just have fun with it!

I used my new
 "My Happy Place Label Panel"
 to make a label for the back of my quilt.

The panel is one yard long 
and has 28 different labels that match my fabric collections:)

Any of them will match this quilt...
I chose this one because
 she reminds me of my sweet MOM:)

I always use a
 MICRON Pigma Pen for my labels.
It is safe for fabric and will not bleed.

I simply wrote the info onto the label
 and then I used some of my 
Sew-In Interfacing and sewed it 
just like I would an appliqué shape.

I appliqued it onto the my backing fabric.
You can either do this 
before or after quilting.

All ready to go are my binding strips cut 
and my spool of large 
Vintage Trim in Riley Red.

Next week for the big finish post I'll show you my finished quilt...
all quilted and bound.
See you then!

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