Monday, July 5, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week Thirteen!!

Hello and Happy Monday!

Welcome to week thirteen in the 

If you are just joining us...
 CLICK on the bold words 
above for my first
 blog post where I 
tell you all about it!

I have four additional 
12" Red Sampler Blocks
 for you today:)

First up is from my book 
Farm Girl Vintage.
I made my 12"  
Egg Basket Block on page 24.

12" Egg Basket Block

Next up we have my 
Tumbleweed Block 
also from my book
Farm Girl Vintage and 
it's on page 67.

12" Tumbleweed Block

For the next 12" block this week
I made my Holly and Ivy Block 
from page 41
of my Vintage Christmas Book

12" Holly and Ivy Block

And lastly for this week 
 is the 12" Sisters Quilt Block 
 from page 121
of my book Farm Girl Vintage 2.

I used another print from my STITCH 
fabric collection for this block...
and I love it!!!

12" Sisters Quilt Block

I hope you enjoy making the
four 12" Red Sampler Blocks
 for this week:)

This is what we have so far...
18 - 12" Red Sampler Blocks
23 - 6" Red Sampler Blocks

And again...
for the setting that I'm using
(cover quilt from Farm Girl Vintage 2)
 I need 20 - 12" Blocks
30 - 6" Blocks

That setting requires a background border
 on each block and I showed you how
 I add those borders
 last Friday on my YouTube Channel.
to watch that video and also to 
get a few sneak peeks of
 some of the remaining blocks!

I'm happy that we have really
 made good progress on the
 12" blocks over the last few weeks:)

Of course I had to take a few pictures
 of all 8 together on the
 design wall of my sewing room:)

Next week I'll be showing 
two more 12" blocks and one 6" block...
 then we will only have six 
of the 6" blocks left...
along with the label of course:) 

Here's a few photos of 
the large table runners 
from my first Farm Girl Vintage Book.
I painted three vintage doors
and hung a runner on 
each one for the photo shoot.

I chose these photos because of the 
Tumbleweed Block from this week.
Here is the runner hanging on my wall
 as I sew on one of my vintage machines:)
P.S. The chair is vintage too...
it was Mr. Honey's grandmas sewing chair.

She was a prolific quilter 
and so my Mother-in-Law kindly gifted 
me this chair several years ago 
because she knew that 
I would love it and the story behind it:)

Here's the runner on one of my 
farm tables in my kitchen:)
It's made form my Gingham Block in the book.

For the centerpiece...
I painted 4 tin cans that once 
held tomato sauce and decorated
 them with burlap and lace.
Inside each one I placed a 
vintage milk bottle holding a daisy:)

I made this runner from my
 Apronstrings Block from the book.
Isn't it scrappy happy?
I just love it:)
The photos on my vintage dresser
are of my Grandma Crane...
my mom and her brother and sister
and my Grandparents Ewell 
with my Aunt VaLene:)

Okie dokie!
I guess that's enough for this week...
I'll meet you right back here 
next week with more Red Sampler fun:)

P.S. Here is a list of 
each week's blog post 
for this sew along so far:
Click on the week 
that you would like to visit!


Lisa said...

I just love seeing your posts with all of the happy colors.

Elaine Rutledge-Beuk said...

This is an excellent way to play with contrasting values. I love that it's red. Black and white can be so strong. A medium-dark blue works well also.

Unknown said...

This is going to be such a beautiful quilt.
I have my reds just waiting for the backgrounds to come back in stock at FQS.

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