Friday, November 9, 2018

Vintage Christmas Sew Along!!

It's time for another episode
 in our 
Vintage Christmas Sew Along!

We are using my brand new book

And focusing on five blocks each week...
in order that they are in the book.
Of course you can sew as many as you want:)

There are 42 blocks in the book 
that come with instructions for
 both 6" size and 12" size...
these are just a few!

We are using 
Cozy Christmas Fabric 
for the blocks.

The collection is full of 
Vintage Christmas Goodness!!
The prints are a small scale...
making them perfect for 
each and every one of the blocks
 and projects in the book.

First block for today is 

Next up is 

Number three is 

Number four is 

And last but not least is 

I'm looking forward to having
 a Very Vintage Christmas...
 aren't  you?

This is the 12" size GLIMMER block.
I'm going to make a quilt
 in the 12" size...
for a scrappy happy look:)

I used it in both the 6" and 12" size 
for this 2 color quilt in the book.
It's amazing how color placement 
changes the look of a quilt block...
I think that's what keeps 
making quilts so 
interesting and challenging!

I love how the
 nutmeg and white colors 
look so vintage together:)

I used the 
Holly and Ivy Block in 12" size 
to make this 
in the book.
 I love all of the Vintage Christmas colors...
and I also love me a
 red and green quilt too!

Getting the mail at Christmastime 
was always a favorite thing for me
 when I was a girl...
there were always Christmas Cards
 from friends and family everywhere
 and even a suprise package or two!

I hope you have fun making
 this weeks blocks:)
to see the entire sew along schedule
 and to visit this weeks guest bloggers.

See you next week!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week 12 the Big Finish and Quilt Label!

Well here we are on the 
very last week of the 
and what I like to call 
"the big finish"
 because I get to show you
my completed quilt...
and here it is!!

I am sew grateful that my friend 
Juli Stubbs...
who does my quilting was able to
 get it back to me in time 
for photos while the 
leaves are still falling:)

This is Toby asking if he can
 jump on my quilt:)
Why is it that every time 
you lay a quilt down it becomes
 an invitation to play?

Just a few leaves left on the Ash tree...

But plenty on my Snowball Bush!
Mr.Honey and Sterling 
are my official holder uppers... 

I love how the colors of
 the turning leaves blend in 
perfectly with the quilt.

Didn't Juli do an
 amazing job on the quilting?...
I think it turned out so beautiful!

I am head over heels in Autumn Love:)

There was a perfect chill in the
 air and leaves swirling 
just for the photo shoot...

YEP!...I'm definitely in LOVE!!
This quilt was a true joy to
 design and to create and to make!
Thank you so much for joining me 
for this fun sew along:)

  I hope you are having a 
wonderful time making each block 
and have maybe even learned 
something new along the way!

Remember that when you are ready 
to sew your quilt top together 
the instructions for that are 
on page 16 of your sew along guide:)

remember that each and every week
 of this sew along will 
remain on my blog forever
 for your convenience:)
All you have to do to find each 
link is scroll down ...
looking on the right sidebar of my blog
 until you find them!

But it's not quite over yet because ...
 I made this super cute quilt label
 for the back and I want to 
show you how I did it!

It was easy peasy...
 and after making all of the blocks 
y'all are experts...
 so I'll just tell you that I
 used these Autumn Love 
Sew Simple Shapes:
5 - F22 for the pumpkin
1 - F-18 for the stem
1 - F29 for the crow
1 - F10 for the wing
1 - F15 for the star
And of course 1/4" 
straight bias strip for the legs.

I cut my background fabric 
12 1/2" x 14 1/2" 
and laid the pieces out to
 see how they would fit.

Then I auditioned some 
2 1/2" wide Autumn Love strips
 for the border.

I made 5 ovals for the pumpkin 
because I wanted it extra wide 
to make room for the 
crow to stand on top!

I sewed the strips on before I glue basted. 
I cut two strips 
2 1/2" x 14 1/2" 
and sewed them to the sides 
and then cut two more 
2 1/2" x 16 1/2" 
for the top and bottom...
then I glue basted all
 of my pieces down.

The label finishes at 16" x 18"

I overlapped my appliqués just 
a little into the border strips:)

That's a BIG pumpkin!!!

Now for the words:)

I simply typed up on my computer
 what I wanted the label to say 
and printed it off...

And then taped it to my 
Easy Trace Light Box 
with my Autumn Love washi...

so that I could trace 
on the words to embroider:)

All traced and ready for stitching!

But wait!...
a few more things first. 
I decided my pumpkin
 needed a long swirly vine:)

Then I sewed 
Bee in my Bonnet interfacing
 to the back.
I cut it larger and used a
 1/4" seam all around the label...

Trimmed off the excess interfacing...

And cut the "X" for turning
 behind the pumpkin where there
 would not be any embroidery.

NOW it's turned and pressed 
and all ready for the stitching.

As usual...
I used all 6 strands of my Aurifloss
 and a backstitch.

I love adding fun labels to my quilts...

And I think this one is sweet
 and is easy to make:)

I hand appliquéd mine onto the 
backing fabric before quilting...
just like one great big 
Sew Simple Shape!

Oh my goodness I'm so sad that 
our Autumn Love time has 
come to an end...
 but sew happy that 
the quilt is completed.

You know that I just love love love 
to do sew alongs and I hope 
that you will join me for my next one!

We will busing my 
next fabric collection called 
Farm Girl Vintage 
to make the 

And of course...
YOU are officially invited:)
Here is the invite with the
 January 28th date to save!

I have been showing lots of 
sneaky peeks of the blocks 
as they were being made for the quilt
 to display at Fall Market in Houston
 this week and let me just say...
If you want to sew 
those sneak peeks...

And speaking of sneak peeks...
I still have ONE MORE Autumn Love
 tutorial up my sleeve for you!
I've been whipping up these fast
 Fall Flower Pot Blocks 
(I made 25 of them) 
and put them all into a quilt.

The quilt is currently
 on Juli's quilting frame 
and as soon as its quilted and bound 
the tutorial will be coming your way:)

Thank you again from the
 bottom of my heart for 
sewing along with me...

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